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Article Marketing for Adsense — Part I

April 14th, 2010 2 comments

Update: 06/02/17 — I initially thought about deleting this post as it was written quite a while ago and the blog will probably focus on other topics for a while. However, most of the advice is actually still decent so I am leaving it.

Background on Article Marketing for Adsense

So I recently enjoyed completing a challenge for my company’s, Jumbo CD Investments.  The challenge was to write 30 Articles in 30-Days.  Each Article had to be 400 words each.  Each one actually averaged 500 to 550.

It was quite satisfying completing the challenge.  I detailed some of the statistics from the increased articles and posted it on Ezine’s.  The article hasn’t been finalized yet, so once it is, I will post the link.

I initially created this site because I’m a nerd Dad and I wanted my kids to have shorter email addresses.  Before they were xyz[at] or xyz[at]  When they would share their address with their friends, they would get this weird look and try to explain that their dad was some internet marketing guru weirdo.  I decided to take the pressure off of them.

Anyway, the article challenge got me thinking, why not impart my wisdom to others.  You know give back a little.  If I teach a few people to blog and make some extra money, then I can help improve the lives of  those people.  So, here is my first article, Article Marketing for Adsense.

So my first goal is to teach you step-by-step how to begin making money with adsense..  Now you may be asking, what makes me better than anyone else?  Nothing really, except for one fact.  I’m not going to sugar coat it.  This takes work and there is no way around it, but it is work that can have a great return.  You are only limited by your willingness to be diligent, to persevere, and to have fortitude.

You need to plan for 1-year to 18-months before seeing results.  This is with five to ten hours a week.  If you can do this consistently you should see anywhere from $100 to $300 a month.  Now I realize that might not seem like a big deal, but that income will be consistent and you can use it for a trip, savings, or whatever else you can think of.  Once you’ve done it once, then you’ll know what to do and be able to do it faster the second time.

For serious income, you need to plan on at least 3-years.  A big part of this is because the search engines like older sites (aged domains as they are called).  Once you have some age behind your domains, they will rank easier for new phrases and terms.  Your income will naturally grow.  Your sites will have authority which will help other sites rank faster.

Now, notice I am also suggesting Adsense first.  The simple reason for this is because Google is already doing a lot of the work for you.  They line up the advertisers for the Adsense publishers.  The Adsense programs pinpoint the correct ones based on your content.  Do keep in mind that Google is a little pickier these days with approval so you may need to have a few sites going with good content and traffic.  But that is fine.  You need to build traffic anyway.  So even if you have to start out with no ads on your site, that really isn’t a problem, and some people even recommend it.

Picking Your Topic and Domain

So first, think about what you like to write about.  If you can’t have fun at this, it will be hard to continue when things seem to be moving slow.  But if you enjoy what you are writing it makes it much easier to continue.

For number two, you need to either set-up a free blog and you can do this with Google’s Blogger or get your own domain.  Personally, I think you should do both.  Some folks make good income just with Blogger, but the problem is you don’t own the domain and if something happens to the platform or they change Terms of Service, it will be gone.  You can get very inexpensive hosting with Hostgator, BlueHost, or a myriad of other sites.  I’ve used both Hostgator and BlueHost without any problems.  It costs $10 to $14 a month and you can host multiple sites.  If you go this route, you need to select a domain.  Now, don’t rush into this.  You need to pick the right domain.  The goal is to pick a domain that will bring searches for high paying keywords from adsense.

I recommend thinking of a phrase related to your topic and search to see if a .com, .org, or .net version is available.  Let’s say you want to beat me at my own game.  There is a .com domain available for the title of this article.  For long-tail (multiple word) phrases, the domain name helps your rankings quite a bit.  [Dot]Com sites are considered less likely to be fly-by-night operations.  So getting a .com for your phrase is pretty cool.  You can purchase namecheap domains for about $10 a year and point them to your hosting.

Now don’t hit the buy button yet.  Go to Google and search for the phrase.  Do some ads show up?  If so we are on the right track.  Next you want to use Google’s keyword Tool,

You are looking to see if advertisers are paying for ads for that exact phrase or similar phrases.  You don’t want the global search volume too high, but you don’t want it too low either.  For Newbies, I recommend phrases that are 2000 or less per month.  Once you get better you can target higher search volumes.  Also use the show/Hide Column to show the “Esimated Avg. CPC”.  You want this to be $1.50 or above.  The higher the better.  Remember Google is only going to pay you a portion of this, usually around 10% to 25%.

Now the phrase we typed in itself doesn’t have enough data so probably not the best domain name.  Look at some others and see if there is a domain available.  A couple stood out like “making money with google adsense” and “adsense faq”.  Now one thing we have to worry about is using trademarked names in our domains.   So I would do some searching and see what people have to say about that.  I’ve seen sites with Google and adsense in the domain, but that doesn’t make it okay.

Okay, we are closer and I know this is getting long.  But you want to get your first one right.  At least that will give you a chance for a nice boost upfront.  If you aren’t using the Firefox browser I would install it.  It has some nice add-ons that are free and help with the next step.  Okay if the browser is installed go to and download the free SEO for Firefox tool.  I believe you have to register for the site, but it is free and he has ton of helpful info that will help you and your journey.

Once you’ve downloaded the tool go back to Google and type in the phrase you are thinking of using for your domain.  You’ll want to check the PR of the top ten sites.  If there are any with a 3 or less you may be on track.  Next check their number of links.  Click the “?” mark next to Y! Page links.  If there are pages with 100 or less links and less than 50 would be even better, this is probably a good pick.

Okay, that is a lot to take in.  Read through it a few times.  Try the above for a few phrases, but don’t buy yet.  Leave me a comment with what your thinking and I’ll let you know what I think.  Remember to leave your email so that I can get back to you.

The other thing I wanted to point out is there were a lot of opportunities to post affiliate links in this post, but I didn’t.  Although I could profit from my recommendations, I think they’ll have more weight if I don’t.   Good luck with Article Marketing for Adsense — Part I.  Part II will be soon.