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Update: 05/27/17 — This post was originally written in April of 2010. Life took a different turn so I didn’t keep up with the blog. I’m looking forward to reviving it and have made some updates.

Well this is my first post.  And I just wanted to introduce myself.  I also wanted to set some goals for this blog.

First, my name is Chris Duncan.  I have a beautiful wife who I’ve known since I was 14 1/2.  On April 25, 2010 2017 we celebrated our 18 25th wedding anniversary.  We will actually be celebrating it on a camping trip with five of our six kids.  Hey, that is when we had the majority of them out of school.  Trust me, we’ll find sometime before or after to have some husband/wife time.  We also have three dogs, two three cats, and a turtle.  At times I’ll share fun and amusing stories of the kids or the dogs.  However, to protect their privacy I won’t reveal their names.  :O)

Second, this is a family blog so no swearing.  If you can’t think of something to say without swearing, don’t leave a comment. Better yet, get a dictionary or thesaurus and find some intelligent words.  The comments will be dofollow which is important for SEO types.  I don’t care if you use a keyword rich phrase for your name as long as the comment adds to the discussion.  Comments like, “This is a great blog”, will be deleted without prejudice.  Your comment needs to reflect that you took time to read the post and have something meaningful to say. I’ll have a longer bio in the About Me page when I get around to adding it.

Most importantly, I make no apologies for being a Christian. I don’t feel it is my job to hit you over the head with the Bible, but it is my duty and honor to provide you with what I have found to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I won’t hold your decisions against you, don’t hold mine against me. For any topic I write about, research it and make up your own mind. God gave you a great one, now use it.

Finally, I will post on all sort of topics, such as raising a family, kid funnies, coaching, Bible topics, etc. but I do hope to also use this as a test bed for things I may want to earn money from. This means you may see ads at some point. Please just ignore them. The ads really aren’t for you.  This could be topics revolving around SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Article Marketing, Earning Money with Adsense (check-out the second post), etc.  Foremost, I really want people to learn how to blog for money. I believe it can drastically alter lives in a good way. Believe me though, it isn’t easy it, just well worth it.

I promise you that I won’t sugar coat things, but will always try to be compassionate with answers and suggestions.  I am human, but if I ever cross a line, feel free to remind me of my life verse, Micah 6:8:

He has showed you, O man, what is good.  And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Remember, Iron sharpens Iron.

If there is ever a family friendly topic you want me to cover, just leave a comment. I love researching new things and providing insights. I guess that is it for now.

Welcome and enjoy.

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